We Make Visible

Companies with the best talent and culture will always win in the marketplace. Our platform captures the talent data and insights you need to make your talent your strategic advantage.

Make Culture Visible Make Culture Visible

Our Expertise is Your Edge

With this platform, EDA is taking our 3+ decades of human capital expertise and transferring that knowledge to you, so you can strategically provide great leadership, create strong employee connectedness, reduce turnover and create a compelling culture that draws top talent.


How We Make Your Culture Visible

We provide the one-stop-shop for enterprise-wide and customer surveys while using AI to capture the tone in the organization and to provide visibility and guidance to decision-makers to be proactive.


EDA’s Cultivated Advantage

EDA has cultivated top-of-the-house trusted relationships for decades and because of that, we have created a way to make culture visible with an assurance that it will be wholly endorsed by CEOs.


Our Established Brand and Access

EDA has an established global human capital brand with marquis clients, and pivotal access to the “top of the house” to gain perspective in the industry. Our customers trust us to bring the highest quality.


A Partnership with Our Top Talent

EDA has a highly-experienced management team who stay on top of talent trends and ever-shifting business landscape, ensuring that you have what you need to create a great, impactful culture.


The #1 reason mergers and acquisitions fail is culture clash. Join our Beta Testing Program for early access and help build better culture tools.

Curated Dashboards

Curated Dashboards

Our carefully organized dashboards give leaders culture at their fingertips with drill-down capabilities and views on culture to the board, the investors, and potential employees to ask good strategic questions and make informed employment choices.

ESG Integration & Visibility
Board, Investor & Candidate Views
User-Friendly Interaction
Aggregated Metrics from all Data Points
Proprietary Tools

Proprietary Tools

The EDASurveys platform offers a complete set of pre-built customizable surveys for every department & Customers + Top-Tier Assessments for HR & Leadership Development including EDA’s proprietary 360-Degree Surveys, Culture 20/20®, T.E.A.M Effectiveness survey and more.

360-Degree Effectiveness
Culture 20/20 Surveys
T.E.A.M Effectiveness Surveys
Return-on-Investments Surveys
Attractive & Easy-to-Understand Reports

Attractive & Easy-to-Understand Reports

Our proprietary assessments and surveys have detailed, attractive and clear reports, and they include aggregated data to highlight meaningful value points that would normally go unseen.



360-Degree Surveys

Our in-depth and proprietary breakdown of your leadership team with competency ratings, gap analysis, and comment breakdowns.



Culture 20/20 Survey

Our proprietary deep-dive into the culture of an organization with a targeted diagnostic, strategies, and resources for growth.



Basic Surveys

A clean and easy-to-read report for any basic survey data such as employee engagement, productivity, or performance.

Perks to Early Adopters

When the platform launches in the 1st Quarter of 2022, all investors will receive a 1-year license and unlimited use as individuals. And, for companies who trust that we will bring you a great product and buy a license now, we will give 2 years unlimited use of the platform — for the price of 1 year.


1-year license (Free)

Unlimited use as individuals

Run unlimited surveys

Access to our 360®, T.E.A.M®, and culture 20/20® surveys


2-year license (for the price of 1 year)

Unlimited use as individuals

Run unlimited surveys

Access to our 360®, T.E.A.M®, and culture 20/20® surveys

Not only is the technology platform the best option for us, we have also found the EDA team has a true partnership mentality.

DR. CABOT JAFFEEPresident & CEO, AlignMark